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New Board Member Named to JEGB

The State Board of Education appointed a new member to the Normandy Schools Collaborative Joint Executive Governing Board (JEGB). Valerie Patton will begin her service to the NSC JEGB effective immediately, replacing Karen Pierre who resigned from the JEGB in August 2021.

Patton is new to her role as Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer and President at the Greater St. Louis Inc. Foundation. Prior to that, she worked at the St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce, serving as Senior Vice President of Economic Inclusion and Workforce Development Strategies and Executive Director of the St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative.

“Valerie will bring a wealth of valuable perspective as well as strategic thinking and process improvement knowledge to the JEGB, and I appreciate her willingness to step up to serve the Normandy community at this important time,” said Commissioner of Education Margie Vandeven.