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Bus tour takes new Normandy teachers to the communities they serve

Normandy, Mo – With notebooks in hand, new teachers with the Normandy Schools Collective left their classrooms to hop on a bus and become the students for the afternoon. The assignment: learn about the community they serve.  
The community drive was part of NSC’s Mentoring Program, an opportunity for first and second year teachers to get an up-close look at the neighborhoods that make up the Normandy district while also better connecting them to the communities of the children they serve. 
Erica Williams, Executive Director of A Red Circle, hosted the bus tour. The non-profit works to promote community betterment in North St. Louis County through a racial equity lens.  
As the teachers drove through the surrounding neighborhoods, Williams narrated the history of the communities and other information that could be helpful for teachers serving Normandy students. While on the bus, teachers were asked to look at things like housing, food access and activity on the street. They were also encouraged to explore the interconnection of systems within the region and how systemic racism — past, present and future — impacts a community.