Proposition N is for Normandy Students

  • Dear Normandy Community,

         The Normandy Schools Collaborative will have a no-tax-rate increase bond issue on the April 4thballot. If approved by the voters, Proposition N will provide $23 million to improve the learning environments for students throughout the district. The projects we are planning to use the Proposition N funds for include:

    •   A new school for our students
    •   New science/technology labs and library media centers at Jefferson and Washington Elementary schools
    •   Upgrades and improvements to the security & technology infrastructures at the other school sites

           As we BUILD upon our recent successes, we must address our educational facilities as they are vital in sustaining our progress. As a community, we must examine ways to enhance instruction by improving the physical environment of our classrooms and other facilities. Because the Collaborative has been extremely prudent with its finances, they can make these improvements without increasing the tax rate. And with interest rates so low, this is a prime opportunity to seek the community’s support for this proposal to continue our progress.

     STRONG Normandy student, parent, alumni and community pride sets us apart from other school districts. Our Viking spirit has helped us remain steadfast despite the many challenges we have faced. As Normandy is overcoming these challenges, the focus has remained on students and improving their academic performance. As a result, the district is seeing improvements in student academic performance, graduation rates, and community partnerships. This is an opportunity for us to support the continued investment in our students, schools and neighborhoods. Now is that time.

          United, our COMMUNITIES are the backbone of North County. In the 24:1 community, there’s a spirit of cooperation and progress in the air. That spirit will soar with a stronger Normandy Schools Collaborative. Our families have a critical role in the continued success of our students. Your support is essential to building stronger schools, facilities, and academic programs in our quest to continue improving our schools. Together, we can make it happen!

           Proposition N, the no-tax-rate increase bond issue for the Normandy Schools Collaborative, will be on the April 4th ballot. If you have questions regarding the bond issue, please contact a member of the campaign committee, Citizens for Normandy Now, at, or visit the other pages on this site. 

          Thank you in advance for your support of our students!

    Dr. Charles J. Pearson

    Superintendent of Schools