Normandy Early Childhood Center

Welcome to the Normandy Early Learning Center

  • Normandy Early Childhood Program Philosophy

    Because we believe that children learn best by doing, our programs emphasize hands-on, creative exploration that enhances all areas of development: social, emotional, intellectual and physical. Using developmentally appropriate practice guidelines, based on current child development knowledge, we are able to recognize and address the academic needs of each child.


    • To provide a quality educational program that promotes the well-being of the child academically and socially in a safe, loving and supportive environment
    • To support children as they grow and learn, by offering each child an opportunity to experience success and gain self-confidence
    • To support families and their involvement through open communication, encouragement, and mutual respect

    Program Goals 

    • To provide an environment where children develop an enthusiasm for learning, exploring and creating that leads to a positive attitude towards school and life-long learning
    • To provide appropriate, engaging, meaningful, and challenging activities that foster development and school age readiness
    • To employ Mindfulness and Conscious Discipline for behavior regulation
    • To promote children’s socially appropriate behavior consistently using explanation, redirection, and instruction
    • To provide opportunities for children to become independent, responsible, and self-controlled in a variety of individual, small and large group settings
    • To establish an atmosphere of mutual respect for the environment, including equipment, materials and the property of others
    • To support families in their role as the child’s first teacher
    • To expose children to academic rigor in all areas


    • All staff members will become proficient in knowledge and implementation of Missouri Early Learning Standards and Common Core Standards.  
    • All students will be provided with academic experiences that will prepare them for the next level and help develop the whole child – cognitively, symbolically and physically.
    • All students will speak in complete sentences.
    • Student attendance will reach and maintain an average of 90% or above.





  • Mission Statement

    The Normandy Early Learning Center is committed to be a collaborative environment filled with exploration, excitement, and engaging hands on learning with real world connections for all students.

    Our vision is to create a supportive academic and social-emotional environment where children can develop into lifelong learners. 

    3 Es: Exploration, Excitement, Engagement

  • Contact Us

    Main Office: 314-493-0880

    PreSchool, PreK & Kindergarten

    Start time: 9:00 a.m.

    Dismissal: 4:10 p.m.