• An Update to the Community and Early Learning Center Families on the Status of Construction

    for the Normandy Early Learning Center

    Presented by Dr. Charles J. Pearson, Superintendent of Schools


    Timeline for Remaining Site Work:

    • The old Normandy 7th-8th Grade building is now completely demolished and all debris has been hauled off site.
    • Storm drains were installed across the temporary parking lot on 9/28 and the trench backfilled and patched before students and staff return 9/30.
    • Concrete curbs will be installed.
    • Asphalt will be put in place.
    • Final work on the Detention Basin will be completed.
    • All site work EXCEPT the LCEC pick up/drop off loop should be complete by November 1st, WEATHER PERMITTING.
    • LCSC administrators have developed a plan for parent pick up /drop off while LCSC loop is being constructed.
    • Lucas Crossing parent pick up/drop loop to be completed by November 22nd.


    Playground for Pre-school and Pre-kindergarten Students:

    • Perimeter sidewalk has been installed.
    • Perimeter asphalt track has been installed.
    • Fence posts are in place.
    • Playground installer to adjust height of playground equipment the week of 9/30/19.
    • Rock base and sod to be installed shortly thereafter.
    • Rubberized surface to be installed 10/14/19 WEATHER PERMITTING.
    • Fence Sections installed and playground complete.
    • Estimate playground available to students 10/21/19.


    Canopy and Front Entrance:

    • Field measured and custom manufactured steel panels delivered 9/30/19.
    • Installation begun 10/1/19. Altered arrival/dismissal location (north end of gym).
    • Installation to be completed approximately 10/22/19.


    Final Landscaping for the Site:

         To complete the site work, landscaping will be added to the south property adjacent to natural Bridge. This landscaping will: a) enhance the appeal of the site, combining lush forestry with the contemporary sense of playfulness in the current design; and b) provide a natural screen between the center and Natural Bridge.

         The street is high, the building is low and the grade falls sharply from the street. The deciduous trees (Sawtooth Oak and Pin Oak) hold onto their leaves all winter. Additionally, the vegetative mass is up higher from the beginning. Landscape will also include Sea Green Juniper and Redtwig Dogwood shrubs in small groups. These will not provide much screening due to their height and location on the hillside, but does provide some lower planting areas (not all trees). The goal is to block the entire building rather than just provide some relief along the road. See the initial design available at the tables. It will also be posted online as an update to the Prop N Projects.


    What changes occurred to the original timeline and target dates?

    • This was always planned to be an 18-month project.
    • Preparing the interior of the school to be ready for students on August 19, 2019 was a benchmark date.
    • The timeline is on-track as the original plan required.
    • Abatement began 4 days after school closed.
    • Demolition began at the south end of the building so that the old building would be removed from the space that was the footprint of the new building.
    • MSD plan revisions and the impact of weather cost us 6-8 weeks in construction time.
    • All contractors and sub-contractors were onsite simultaneously as opposed to sequentially to ensure that time would be made up. A six-day work schedule was developed to meet the target date that would ensure that teachers would be in the new building 14 days before students arrived.


    Background Information, Proposition N, and Strategic Planning:

    In 2017, the Normandy Schools Collaborative community passed Prop N, a $23 million no-tax-rate increase bond issue. This support was a critical first step to redesigning Normandy Schools programming in ways that will provide a quality education for all children in our schools in the years to come.

    (Prop N included 4 major projects and 3 smaller projects)

    1. Building the new Normandy Schools Collaborative Early Learning Center
    2. Additions at Jefferson School
    3. Additions at Washington School
    4. Renovations at Bel-Nor School
    5. Renovations at Lucas Crossing Complex
    6. Renovations at Barack Obama School
    7. Demolition of the former Normandy 7/8 Grade Center

    Concurrent with passing Prop N, the Joint Executive Governing Board approved a progressive set of priorities that will lead to improved educational opportunities for all students. Those innovations included:

    • Combining Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten on one campus.
    • Implementing the EleMiddle Model—closing the Normandy 7/8 Grade Center, while opening five schools as 1-8 schools. This move will now provide a better learning environment for students grades 1-8.

    To implement this vision, Prop N funds were allocated to do the following:

    1. Build a brand new Early Learning Center to meet the needs of our youngest scholars, Pre-school to Kindergarten.
    2. Expand and improve Jefferson and Washington schools by adding a new library, secure front entrances, restrooms, classrooms, and STEM room to teach integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
    3. Renovate Bel-Nor School to prepare it to serve students grades 1-8.
    4. Complete targeted renovations at Lucas Crossing Complex and Barack Obama School to serve students grades 1-8.

    Construction has been completed at Jefferson School and Washington School. Renovations at Bel-Nor, Lucas Crossing Complex, and Barack Obama have been completed. The EleMiddle (1-8) model was successfully rolled out this school year which we will continue to monitor to ensure the model is meeting the needs of students.