• Traffic Pattern Changes for Final Phase of Construction

    We are entering the final phase of the ELC construction project and will have access to our new parking lot soon. Please make note of the map and parking lot and lane changes below (effective Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020).

    All parents will now park in the new spaces on our parking lot. At this time, we no longer will have a valet system for kindergarten families, due to not having access to the front curb of our building. Pre-K families will still walk their children to classrooms in the morning and pick them up from classrooms in the afternoon. Kindergarten families will bring their children into the building and send them to class in the morning. In the afternoon however Kindergarten families will go to their child’s classroom to pick them up at our 3:30 dismissal time.

    This year has been a challenge for us all. Thank you for your continued patience as the project nears completion.

    Download a copy of the map here: ELC Parking Lot Directions

    early learning lucas crossing campus map