• Normandy Early Learning Center Behavior Continuum

    It is our policy to never use physical punishment or verbally abusive language to resolve discipline situations. Likewise, we cannot allow children to engage in physically or verbally hurtful behaviors. Violent behaviors will not be tolerated. In cases when a child’s uncontrollable misbehavior requires immediate attention so the child does not hurt him/herself, others, damage property or disrupt the program, the teacher may seek help from his/her colleagues and the director/principal to continue with the class as she/he attempts to bring resolve to the matter at hand. 

    Parents will be notified and are expected to immediately help bring resolve to problems, and then must conference with the teacher, director/principal and social worker. This conference will highlight techniques that will stimulate positive conduct/behavior and instill discipline.  Parental involvement and cooperation in the process are crucial, as we examine all avenues of support and services for the child that we anticipate will prove to be beneficial. If behaviors concerns are not resolved, a referral to our Care Team process and/or Special Education Program is possible.

     *If a student enters the program but continuously experiences difficulty with transitioning, the Director/Principal keeping the child’s best interest in mind, has the authority to place that student on an alternate schedule or remove him/her from the Pre-K program.