• #NormandyStrong Student Citizen Award

    The Normandy Police Department’s School Resource Officers Team and the Normandy Schools Collaborative Safety and Security Team have paired up to present the “Normandy Strong Student Citizen Award” to our scholars. 

    Throughout the school year, we will present The “Normandy Strong Student Citizen Award” to one (1) scholar from each of the seven NSC campuses who exemplifies qualities of the Normandy Five Pillars: Accountability, Collaboration, Professionalism, Trust, and Respect. The students can be recognized by any member of the NSC staff and nominations must be submitted to Safety & Security Coordinator Steve Harmon by the last day of each month. The Normandy SROs will select one entry, from each campus, and the selected scholar from each campus will receive a certificate and other prizes at the following NSC JEGB Public Meeting.

    The scholars could be recognized for any reason, but an explanation or description of the event must be included in the nominations.

    Examples of recognized behavior may include:

    • The scholar intervened in a bullying situation
    • The scholar went above and beyond their daily expectations
    • The scholar, without being asked or directed, was seen helping another student who was struggling
    • The scholar volunteers his/her free time and is a support to the learning environment

    A nomination form is attached on the left side of this page. This is a great opportunity to shine a positive light on a student who deserves it! 

    board members with former STL mayor clarence harmon The #NormandyStrong Student Citizen Award is patterned after the Do the Right Thing program sponsored by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. The program was introduced to the St. Louis area by former St. Louis Police Chief/Mayor Clarence Harmon who was present for Normandy's first presentation (pictured here, at left). 

    At the top of the page are photos of our first ever honorees (click on the 'i' in the left-hand corner of the gallery for captions)!

    If you have questions regarding the program, please contact Steve Harmon, sharmon@normandysc.org, or 314-493-0457.