NSC mission statement
  • Normandy Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism Statement

    We are committed  to interrupting cycles of oppression by investing in strategies that ensure all students achieve at high levels.  


    Normandy Values

    Excellence: We strive relentlessly for excellence and take personal accountability for our actions and their impact.  We maintain high expectations for all students to achieve at high levels.  

    Dignity: We walk our talk, acting with integrity and honesty.

    Collaboration: We build respectful and restorative relationships that enable us to partner effectively across lines of difference.

    Tenacity: We reflect deeply and  with curiosity, learn continuously, and persist to meet our goals and conquer our challenges.

    Care: We attend to the needs of the whole person, celebrating and loving ourselves and one another as healthy and happy members of the community.


    Normandy Strategic Priorities

    Engaging Environments: Provide safe and engaging learning environments with robust social-emotional wellbeing and trauma-informed supports.

    College-Ready Teaching & Learning: Reimagine academic programming, in part by adopting rigorous, relevant, and culturally-responsive curriculum and assessments for consistent use across the district.

    Top Talent: Recruit, develop, hold accountable, and retain top talent by supporting social-emotional wellbeing, deepening content knowledge and instructional skill, and launching a value-based culture.

    Impactful Partnerships: Strengthen family and community partnerships through tighter coordination and alignment to strategic priorities.

    21st Century Learning Organization: Build a world-class central office that is responsive, nimble, and sustainable.