Family & School Partnership Points

  • Research states that children with families who are involved in their education tend to have better academic performance which in turn can help to determine children's success in the future.

    Criteria:  To remain at the Normandy Early Childhood Center, the following must occur:

    Each family must be enrolled and actively participate in the Parents as Teachers Program (receive 4 personal visits per year - mandatory).
    Each family must acquire 65 points of parental involvement participation each quarter of the school year. Mandatory
    Sixty-five points of family involvement can be acquired quarterly through any combination of the following opportunities (please see the attached):

    • Attend various family activities
    • Participate in Saturday workshops
    • Participate in fundraisers throughout the school year
    • Return documents with required signatures
    • Maintain perfect attendance
    • Volunteer in the classroom and school
    • Consistency in wearing the school uniform
    • Turn in homework. Families must complete six out of nine homework packets in order to receive credit in this category.
    • Turn in reading logs. Families must read to the child and fully complete six out of nine reading logs per quarter in order to receive credit in this category.


    Quarterly family involvement will be calculated and shared with families by the Director/Principal and staff.  Families have the opportunity to acquire 100 - 150 points, each quarter, in order to achieve the family partnership goal.